Monitor app reviews

What’s it handy for?

For teams working on apps, be they mobile or desktop based, tracking your reviews in one central place is a good way to keep tabs on your customers.

Monitoring app reviews is useful for:
* Getting new reviews from any number of services all in one place
* Sharing your best reviews with the wider company
* Highlighting negative reviews with your development team to adjust copy or fix bugs

Before you get started

Configure accounts with AppFollow or Appfigures, and add their Slack app to your workspace.

How to monitor your app reviews

  1. Select a channel where all your reviews will be posted, set up the app to post new reviews into the channel.
    app reviews shared in slack
  2. Track new reviews as they come in and use the Share button to route reviews to other channels where you can discuss any problems described or celebrate team wins.
    share message icon in slack
    add a note and share the review with your team

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