Zomato, a company based in India transforms online ordering using Slack

“We use Slack at all levels, from the sales teams to tech and product and all of our central corporate teams. Everybody at Zomato relies on Slack.”

Reema KhendrySenior Program Manager, Zomato

Zomato is receiving Slack’s Excellence Award—India for using Slack to stay agile and aligned, moving its business forward by building a transformative productivity platform that employees can tap into from anywhere.

Originally a restaurant search and discovery platform, Zomato is now a technology platform connecting customers, restaurants and delivery partners serving their multiple needs. The company initially had some back-and-forth with Slack, but once its teams found their rhythm, they were hooked on the secure, channel-based messaging platform. “We took a U-turn, and now we’re back for good,” says Reema Khendry, Zomato’s senior program manager. “Slack is highly intuitive, free-flowing and organized.” 

“Slack is our centralized tool where 3,700-plus employees communicate across the company, from tech product and engineering to our corporate, city and sales teams. Email becomes redundant once you start using Slack.”

Reema KhendrySenior Program Manager, Zomato

Much of Zomato’s communication takes place in Slack channels, virtual spaces to share messages, workplace automations, digital tools and files. To ensure visibility, there’s a main channel for announcements from leadership as well as various core channels as required. “Once it’s served its use, we follow the best practice to actively archive our channels,” says Khendry. “If we need to reference something, we can easily use Slack’s search function. For more casual conversations, they replace phone calls with Slack Huddles.”

Zomato extends channel-based messaging with outside partners as well. “With Slack Connect, it’s so much easier to engage with external stakeholders and partners,” says Khendry.

To encourage transparency, break down any hierarchies and enable a two-way dialogue between leadership and employees, every announcement on the companywide channel gets hundreds of reactions with emoji and responses on threads, making communication fun and interesting in real time. 

To empower employees to focus on the work that matters, Zomato encourages automating processes. “Slack integrations are especially helpful on the tech side, making sure the right teams are alerted of any issues right away,” Khendry says.

With Slack as its fast, flexible and inclusive productivity platform, Zomato is poised to continue to shake up the industry—and give more than 15 million people access to mouthwatering meals.