Publish a workflow

Who can use this feature?

Workflows are automated multi-step tasks or processes that you can set up in Slack – no coding required! – that start in your workspace. They can run directly in Slack or connect with other tools and services.

Once you’ve added steps and collaborators, publish your workflow so that people in your workspace can use it.

What you’ll learn

Publish a workflow

Publishing a workflow makes it available in the channel that you specified during set-up. As soon as a workflow has been published, it will launch each time it’s triggered.

Test your workflow

If you’d like to preview your workflow, you can add it to a test channel that isn’t actively being used by other members of your workspace. Once you’ve tried it out, edit your workflow to move it to your preferred channel and publish the changes.

Avoid publishing errors

To avoid common errors that prevent you from publishing your workflow, check that you have the right channel permissions: 

  • Make sure that you’ve joined the channel that you selected for your workflow. If you’re not in the channel, you’ll see an error message when publishing your workflow. 
  • To add a workflow to a channel, you need to have permission to post in that channel. If you don’t have posting permissions, ask a collaborator who does to publish the workflow, or ask a workspace owner or admin to grant you posting permissions.

Put what you’ve learned into practice

Publish your workflow

  1. Open your workflow in Workflow Builder.
  2. Click on Publish in the top-right corner. 
  3. To use your workflow, click on Open Slack

Your workflow will post a message to the channel to let all members know that it’s been added. 

Tip: once people start using your workflow, you can see how people are interacting with it from the Activity tab in Workflow Builder

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