Slack for recruitment

Building a team is a balance of priorities, personality — and lots of paperwork! Use Slack to streamline hiring plans, progress, and decisions by keeping your whole search committee on task and in the loop.

Why use Slack for recruitment?

  • Gather all hiring info in one searchable place.
  • Track candidates as they progress through the interview process.
  • Keep turnaround and feedback loops tight by using dedicated channels.
  • Communicate job openings and new hires.


Make a hiring plan

Invite your search committee to a #hiring-[job title] channel. Pin the job listing and add the lead recruiter and deadlines to the channel purpose.

Use this channel to make a visible plan for how you'll tackle filling the role:

  • Decide how to advertise the role
  • Assign tasks and set reminders
  • Pin interview notes and feedback



Simplify job posting

Create a #hiring-job-listings channel to share listings with recruiters. Invite your recruiting team and any HR, finance, or executives involved in the process.

Use a system of emoji reactions to keep recruitment moving forward. React with eyes  👀  to let others know you're reviewing a listing, then add a check mark  ✅  when it's ready to publish.  


When you’re ready to post an opening, you can push listings from Slack to external job boards with apps like Greenhouse or Hired.


Consolidate applicants

Third-party app Teamtailor can pull job applications into Slack as they’re submitted. Create a #applications-[job title] channel to view potential hires as they roll in. 


Anyone in the channel can react to and comment on candidates, so you can quickly decide who to move forward with.


Track candidate progress

Add a private  interview-[candidate name] channel for each person you're considering. Here you can pin the candidate’s resume, schedule the onsite, and even debrief post-interview. Just be sure to make the channel private to protect candidate privacy!


You can create a public #hiring-approvals channel to let the whole team know when a candidate becomes a new member of the team.

Tip: When you fill an opening, archive the related #applications,  interview &  offer channels to keep Slack organized.  


Coordinate the new hire handoff

When they accept their offer (🎉), HR can invite new employees to a private  new-hires-[date] channel so they can begin on-boarding.

💡 Learn how HR teams can use Slack for new hire on-boarding.


Slack apps for Recruiters

Hello Talent

With Hello Talent, you can organize candidates into talent pools to better assess who should be considered for what role. Share these groups with your search team and receive updates in Slack whenever a change is made to your pool. 



Connect Slack with Recruitee and get real-time updates on the hiring pipeline. Track candidates' status and feed notes into a predetermined channel.


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