Shipt Shopper in an aisle in the supermarket

Shipt uses Slack to connect its workforce and provide the retail industry with a differentiated shopping and delivery experience

‘Slack enables us to work quicker and smarter, delivering the best experience possible.’

Chayse PorterSenior Director of IT, Shipt

One of the leading names in retail tech, Shipt, is receiving the Slack at Scale Award for using the productivity platform to connect customers and retailers to shoppers and drivers for high-quality deliveries, all while facilitating seamless internal collaboration across teams and time zones.

Shipt’s app powers the personal shopping and delivery of everything from fresh foods and household essentials to beauty products and pet supplies from beloved retailers across the US. Shipt goes the extra mile to delight customers with helpful purchasing options and fast delivery. In addition, Shipt’s technology has a personal touch that helps to connect a network of shoppers and drivers to flexible earnings opportunities on the platform.

Although Shipt had been using Slack since 2014, it fully integrated Slack in 2017 to manage its three-sided business of members, shoppers and retailers. Now with 1,500 employees leveraging 3,700 Slack channels, more than 200 apps and integrations, more than 500 workflows and exactly 149 Slack Connect channels, Shipt leverages Slack to keep the entire company aligned and connected as teams focus on delivering best-in-class experiences.

Virtually forgoing email, Shipt has eliminated wasted time spent digging through inboxes, which can result in lost information or unintentional silos. Shipt extends the benefits of Slack to external partners by using Slack Connect to communicate, plan and collaborate with retail partners, including Target, Sephora, Walgreens, Meijer and H-E-B. Utilising Slack to its fullest potential allows Shipt to have a deep and broad impact on operations.

Service teams at Shipt use Salesforce’s Service Cloud to supplement their work in Slack. Service Cloud allows these teams to scale, prioritise, escalate and quickly resolve issues, while automatically transcribing details directly into their Salesforce platform.

And while Shipt’s IT department has used Slack for increased efficiency since day one, it was the implementation of Workflow Builder that allowed the team to triple the speed of internal support. Everyone across the company can seek help through one of two ways: in the #ask-IT channel, where a bot walks them through how to submit questions or needs, or an IT slash command, which summons a questionnaire that collects pertinent details. It’s now even easier and quicker for the IT team to help their colleagues to access support.

Shipt has also integrated apps that help its team to stay connected, such as Zoom and Donut. To optimise schedules and more transparently collaborate, one of Shipt’s most used integrations is Clockwise for Slack. More than half of all team members sync their calendars with the Clockwise integration so that Slack statuses automatically update, and a quarter of all team members use the integration to preserve focus time on their calendars. This has led to teams being better able to engage the right people, at the right time, while respecting people’s time out of the office, in meetings or away from their computer.

Grounded in a Slack-centric culture for nearly a decade, Shipt’s inspired workforce continues to rely on the productivity platform to move quickly and redefine its industry, from facilitating real-time collaboration with partners to delivering fast, high-quality support for its communities of members and shoppers.