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Resolve customer issues faster

Deliver better support to your customers and triage issues faster by working together in a Slack channel.

Delight your customers with unrivalled support

Working in a channel with customers means that support teams can provide faster support and proactively share updates, which increases customer satisfaction.

Support teams use Slack Connect to:

  • Provide personalised support by having a direct line of access to customers
  • Triage issues faster by keeping the right experts in the loop from both sides
  • Maintain all the context about a customer in one place, letting you easily hand support over when teammates rotate shifts or are out of the office 
  • 3x

    faster ticket resolution

  • 30%

    reduction in workload for an enterprise support team

  • 64%

    decrease in backlog of support tickets

A channel that’s shared with a customer looks and feels like a channel that you use with your internal team. People from up to 20 different companies can join, so everyone can stay aligned and drive results in one shared space.


Book a free 20-minute call with a Slack expert to help you get started on working with your external partners in Slack.


With Slack, the customer can pull in more people, we can pull in more people, and it becomes a collaborative discussion to solve a problem or answer a question.


Thousands of companies already use Slack Connect to work better together

How to get started with Slack Connect

1. Create the channel

Click on the + button next to Channels in your sidebar. Name the channel and click on Create.

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2. Send the invitation

Follow the prompt to share the channel outside your workspace. Send your partner an email invitation right from Slack, or copy the link provided and email the invitation directly.

Animated gif showing a cursor mark copying an invitation link in Slack and pasting it in an email

3. Wait for your partner to accept

Stick the kettle on. When your customer clicks on the link, they’ll be taken back to Slack, where they can accept the invitation and set up the channel on their end.

Animated gif showing a cursor mark clicking on an invitation link in an email, which takes it to Slack to accept the invitation

4. Get your admin’s approval

Depending on your settings, the invitation may be sent to an admin on each team for approval. Admins can manage channel invitations by clicking on their workspace name > Administration > Manage shared channels.

Animated gif showing a cursor mark approving a pending request to share a channel in Slack

Get started

Join the network of global companies collaborating together in Slack Connect.

  • Learn more about the benefits of working with partners in channels.
  • To share a channel, you’ll need to be on a paid subscription. For more info, take a look at our pricing and subscriptions.


  1. Claims and figures are based on specific teams using Slack Connect at their companies. Results may vary at your organisation.

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