Lesson 8: Create new channels

Meet Sara.

  • Sara recently joined Acme Inc., a company just like yours.
  • Acme Inc. adopted Slack a while ago, and Sara is learning how it has changed the way the company works.
  • In this lesson, Sara wants to explore creating effective channels.


Sara’s experience before Slack

At her previous company, organizing work around a specific topic was close to impossible. Communication happened primarily in email, where one inbox held information across every topic or project she could think of. The lack of organization made it difficult to track information, stay up to date, and move work along.

How Acme uses Slack

  • Acme uses channels to bring together conversations and work related to a particular topic (e.g., projects, teams, announcements and social discussions).
  • Sara has noticed that people at Acme use channel naming conventions to keep Slack organized and make it easier for other people to find and join channels related to their work.
  • Sara knows that channels work best when the right people and information are brought together.

An example from Acme

What’s happening…

  1. Sara is the project manager for a new campaign Acme is putting together. She’s created the #proj-brand-campaign to organize all communication and planning around the project.
  2. To help get everyone up to speed, Sara uploads a file containing the kickoff details for the project and pins it for everyone to see in the channel.
  3. Sara then invites her colleagues to the channel to spread the news.

Creating channels with naming conventions

Acme adds prefixes to channel names, to make a channel’s purpose clear and discoverable when searching in Slack.

Sara is creating a channel to bring people together to work on a new brand campaign. Following the existing channel naming conventions at Acme, she names the channel #proj-brand-campaign, keeping this clear and concise.

Tip: Other common channel prefixes could be #team-, #help- and #office-.

Getting members up to speed with pins

Sara wants to make sure that everyone has the details they need when they first join the channel. Before adding members, she uploads and pins the kickoff details to the channel. Now everyone joining will be able to see her message and get up to speed faster.


Bringing the right people together

Channels are most effective when the right people and information are brought together. Now that Sara has shared the information, she’s ready to add her teammates to this channel and get to work.


Your next steps

💡 Create a channel using the naming conventions in your workspace

💡 Pin a file or message in your newly created channel.

💡 Add members to your channel.

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