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Set up Slack

Lesson overview

Sara recently joined Acme, a company that uses Slack. In this lesson, you’ll learn how Sara completes her profile and downloads the Slack apps so she can get to work.

Sara’s experience before Slack

In her previous company, there was a lot Sara had to do to get set up. She was tasked to set up her email, calendar, and a handful of other tools. However, when she was done with those tasks, she realized that she didn’t really know where or how to get up to speed.

How Acme uses Slack

  • Acme uses channels in Slack to organize conversations around any given topic, making it easy for anyone to get up to speed.
  • All of Acme’s tools integrate seamlessly with Slack, making it the one place where work gets done.

Downloading the Slack apps

Sara wants to receive notifications and collaborate from any of her devices. She knows that Slack has apps for desktop and mobile that allow her to stay in sync no matter where she’s working. Downloading the Slack app is exactly what Sara needs—she just needs to visit to get set up.

What is a workspace?

Workspace switcher

A workspace is a company’s shared hub, where team members communicate and work together in channels. Sara knows that if she ever needs to get back to her workspace, she can open up the Slack app, or visit and click on Get Started or Launch Slack at the top of the page.

Setting up your profile

Editing profile

Having an accurate profile helps teammates work better together, whether they know each other or not. Sara sets up her profile by adding her name, title and a clear profile picture of herself.

Your next steps

💡 Download the Slack app on your device, and join your workspace.

💡 Set up your profile inside Slack.

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