Powered by its productivity platform, trivago’s teams stay agile and innovative

‘As our productivity platform, Slack empowers trivago to foster collaboration and flexibility in one hub. By centralising information, it drives decision-making and connection, which are core to our culture.’

Laura Versiani Internal Communications, trivago

A leading global accommodation search website, trivago is receiving Slack’s Excellence Award – Germany for using Slack for over seven years to support its hybrid work model, empowering employees with seamless integrations and agile, accessible and dynamic communication.

Founded in 2005 and based in Düsseldorf, trivago’s workforce represents more than 80 nations, united by the common goal of reshaping the way that millions of travellers search for and compare hotels and other accommodation.

Key to trivago’s work culture is flexibility, encouraged by the use of Slack’s secure, channel-based messaging platform. Slack channels and custom emoji align teams on expectations for availability, setting boundaries that encourage employees to embrace a healthy work-life balance. They have best practices for when and how to use Slack huddles for quick check-ins.

Designated Slack channels focus on trivago’s most important business, product and industry updates, and unit channels drive engagement across the workforce. The company recently launched neighbourhood community groups with dedicated ambassadors to promote connection and create a welcoming environment during a time when many newcomers are onboarding remotely.

The technical teams at trivago leverage automation, custom templates and workflows for asynchronous daily huddle meetings and retrospectives, and set Slack reminders for routine processes. More advanced workflows include a custom bot built for the legal team to automate the collection of quarterly contracts. The company also recently hosted a Workflow Builder training session to empower any interested employees to compose their own reusable no-code workflows – directly where they’re already working in channels.

To streamline communication with more than 110 external organisations, including advertisers and partners, trivago uses Slack Connect. It’s also testing out using the platform for pre-onboarding connections with new employees.

The company has also implemented existing in-house tools into Slack workflows, including a feedback tool that enables anyone to share comments, reflections and ideas anonymously, breaking down silos across all levels.

By eliminating hierarchies, encouraging flexibility and leveraging automation to streamline work in Slack, trivago will continue to pioneer an innovative, forward-thinking culture that serves millions of lucky travellers.