Slack 101: How to use Slack

Join us for a 50-minute session with 3 of our Customer Experience experts who will give a demo of a Slack workspace and answer your questions

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  • Slack 사용이 처음인 사용자

During this live 50-minute session, Slack’s Customer Experience experts will demonstrate how to use Slack successfully. With a Q&A box as well, you can bring all your unique questions to learn how Slack can specifically help your team.

During this session, our experts will cover:

  • An overview of where work happens: A workspace
  • How to navigate through your workspace
  • Administrative tools and how to leverage them
  • Our Fair Billing Policy
  • Slack search
  • Notification customization
  • App Integration
  • Virtual HQ: Huddles and Clips
  • Slack Connect

We look forward to meeting you! Please note that your attendance is not visible to other attendees.

주요 발표자:

SlackCustomer Experience SpecialistCatalina Hernandez
SlackCustomer Experience SpecialistKai Hasson
SlackCustomer Experience SpecialistVictor Zhang
SlackCustomer Experience SpecialistAmanda Ermellini

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