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16 tips to work smarter with Slack apps and workflows

Learn how to streamline your work day with time-saving tools

Few things derail focus faster than an unnecessary notification. When you’re making progress on a project and get an update in another app, it takes time to pick up where you left off.

If you feel frustrated about losing time throughout your day, you aren’t alone. According to Slack’s State of Work survey, 56% of knowledge workers report that switching between apps makes it harder to get essential work done, and 68% of knowledge workers say they spend at least 30 minutes a day switching between apps.

Customize Slack to take back control of your time and attention.  We’ve compiled 16 tried-and-true Slack tips. These will help you:

  • Maximize your time and reduce busywork
  • Stay informed and aligned as projects evolve
  • Boost team connection wherever you are

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