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Marks & Spencer
Example of a conversation in a Slack channel
Zoe MaxwellAre we still on track for the new offers?
Jagdeep DasWe are! Here’s the schedule:
Coupons launch plan314kB PDF
uploaded this file: Coupons launch plan
Zoe MaxwellAwesome. Happy to help with the rollout.
Message #proj-coupons

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In Slack, work happens in channels — virtual rooms organized by team, project, or functional group — that facilitate cross-departmental collaboration and increase transparency. By combining files, data, and conversations, Slack becomes a shared knowledge base to keep everyone on the same page.

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Senior leaders rely on Slack to efficiently connect teams, unify systems, and drive the change that pushes business forward. Searchable conversations and integrations with other business tools ensure the right people are always in the loop and key information is always at their fingertips.

A sample Statsbot app integration usage
Arcadio Buendía3:24 PMSignups this week are lower than expected, any idea why?
Sara Parras3:26 PMStatsbot how many visitors hit the confirmation page last week by source?
StatsbotAPPHere’s your report
Jun 26 - Jul 02
⏰ Schedule Report Save to Dashboard
A sample announcement message in Slack
Zoe Maxwell1:56 PMThe TeaThyme deal has officially closed! Now we’re ready to transition the relationship to customer success. @Sara Parras and I met to discuss handoff! Here’s our game plan for next week’s roll-out meeting.
I will cover the agenda and kick things off. @Sara Parras will do a quick walkthrough of the roll-out plan. We’ll open the floor for questions and wrap up w/ next steps.

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To keep up with today's changing workplace, organizations must change the way they work. Through streamlined integrations, Slack Connect, and an intelligent knowledge base, teams become more adaptable with Slack.