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Episode Fourteen

Thanksgiving is a time of year for giving thanks, and for stuffing. Stuffing the turkey with stuffing. Stuffing yourself with stuffing. Stuffing your car and online shopping cart full of … STUFF.

And of course, stuffing your ears with podcast deliciousness. Thankfully, we have just the thing: Episode 14 of the Slack Variety Pack (Stuffing Pack).

  1. Google Gobble

    In which we pit man against machine to determine, once and for all, who is the ultimate authority on cooking the best bird ever.

  2. The High Stakes of Black Friday

    On Black Friday, finding a bargain is a sure thing. Launching your business on the biggest shopping day of the year, though? Definitely not a sure thing. This year, one new wearable tech company is taking that risk — and it’s all or nothing.

  3. “Cappuccino For Wave!” And Other Coffee Cup Misnomers

    It’s probably happened to you: You order your coffee, state your name, and then stand confused and caffeine-deprived as the barista calls out something entirely, indecipherably different.

    (Tasting note: Best served with a side of erroneously-labelled, steaming hot pumpkin spiced beverage.)

  4. When Agile Software Theory and Parenting Collide

    Real life scenarios, like the flocking of birds, have inspired countless innovations in technology development. But what happens when these lessons are applied back to real life scenarios, like raising your kids?
    We find out.

  5. How To Pull A New Career Out Of Your Hat

    Here’s a head scratcher: You have a career you’ve always known and loved. Suddenly, you’re not legally allowed to do it anymore. So, what do you do? You start making hats. Obviously.

  6. Those Regrettable Online Purchases

    In the aftermath of Cyber Monday, the final bastion of the bargain shopping frenzy, consumers emerge weary-eyed from their purchasing haze to discover their carts are filled with … piles of bizarre things.