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Episode Twenty One

One for the introverts, the seekers of solitude, the I-just-need-a-minute-to-myself-ers! (So basically, everyone, at some point or another). In this episode we find out how a cardboard box can be the secret to finding alone time at work; whisk you away from your smartphone to restore your creative spark; find solace surfing the waves of the lonely web; and explore the wild world of a Winter Keeper, working solo to protect one of our most treasured national parks.

Quick, find a place all to yourself — it’s Episode 21: Alone Pack!

  1. Need Some Personal Space? Put a Box On It

    Do you break into a cold sweat whenever you’re in a crowded area? Do you get heart palpitations at the thought of standing in a room full of people? Japanese Entrepreneur Mikito Tanimoto has the solution for you — and all you need is a cardboard box and a smartphone.

  2. Disconnected: A Modern Drama

    Some believe a life without a phone is not worth living. Others think life is for the phone-less. We take to the streets to hear your opinions on the great phone debate.

  3. On Pulling the Plug

    These days, people think the solution to finding solitude is to unplug your phone. According to Michael Harris, author of “The End of Absence”, there’s one thing they’re forgetting: To really recharge, in work and in life, you might just need to unplug from people, too.

  4. Surfing the Lonely Web for Internet Gems

    Like the ocean, the depths of the internet features leagues of bottom-feeder content, things like viewless YouTube videos and social media posts devoid of any actual social activity. But to writer and Internet explorer Joe Veix, the content he finds there feels a lot closer to life on the surface.

  5. The Winter Keeper

    Steve Fuller has spent the last 42 winters alone in the wilds of Yellowstone National Park. His team? A motley crew of bisons, caribous and grizzlies — and he wouldn’t have it any other way.