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Episode Twenty Two

In this episode, we invite best-selling author and speaker Brené Brown to help us unpack the stories we tell ourselves, that change the way we work together. We also dig into new research that may enhance your coffee habit, use an old kitchen gadget to test a new productivity tip, and talk to an intrepid team who left the comforts of city life to take up the post among the penguins in the Antarctic.

Dust off those mental cobwebs, it’s Episode 22 — Flip Pack.

  1. The Right Way to Drink Coffee (According to Science)

    The problem isn’t that you drink coffee, it’s when you drink it that could make all the difference.

  2. Pomodoro Productivity

    A simple age-old kitchen timer can have a profound effect on how productive you are at work. We experiment with tic tocking our brain into efficiency.

  3. Flipping the Script

    Our brains are constantly hard at work writing scripts and narratives about how other people perceive us. Trouble is — according to best-selling author and researcher Brené Brown — most of those stories are simply untrue! Here, she expertly debunks our inner monologues and reveals how editing your thoughts can help you, and your team, work better together.

  4. From Antarctica with Love

    “Let’s all go work in Antarctica!” Said no one, ever. Oh, except for this team of brave souls who doubled down on down-feathered outerwear and took up the post at the Port Lockroy post office.