Guide to Workflow Builder

Who can use this feature?

Workflow Builder offers a set of tools to help you automate routine processes into workflows in Slack. Workflows can be as simple or as complex as you like, and can even be connected to other apps and services that you use to get work done.

Read on to learn about Workflow Builder, then use our tutorials as a guide while you build your workflow. 

Workflow Builder terms to know

Whether you plan to create a workflow from scratch or get started with a template, it's helpful to know the key components that make up a workflow:

Trigger How your workflow will start. You can choose a    shortcuts menu trigger to launch your workflow from the menu, or another trigger to start your workflow automatically when a certain action is taken.
Step What actions you want your workflow to take. You can add steps that send messages or customised forms, or use steps from Slack apps to link your workflow to other tools. 
Variable Information submitted to your workflow that can be referenced in steps. Variables allow you to include information from previous steps, so you don't have to manually add the same information multiple times. 
Collaborator A member of your workspace with permission to manage your workflow. Any collaborator can change or remove steps, add and remove collaborators, and unpublish or delete a workflow.

Open Workflow Builder

Open Workflow Builder to create your own workflow or explore the tool:

  1. From your desktop, click on your workspace name at the top left.
  2. Select Tools from the menu, then click Workflow Builder

Templates and tutorials

Use a template

To get started straight away, you can browse workflow templates that you can customise for your team or a specific project. Take a look at the Slack Resources Library for a full list of templates, or open Workflow Builder and click the Templates tab. 

Create your own workflow

We've outlined the process of creating a workflow in a series of tutorials. These tutorials will guide you through initial setup, adding and customising steps, publishing your workflow and more. We recommend viewing them in order.

Note: Owners and admins can choose to restrict workflow creation permissions to certain members of their workspace or Enterprise Grid organisation, and manage access to certain workflow features. Visit Manage Workflow Builder access and permissions for more details.

Find and run workflows

You, and other members of your workspace, can run workflows from a couple of different places in Slack:

  • Shortcuts menu
    Click the   slash icon and start typing the name of a workflow to select it from the menu.
  • Bookmarks bar
    Opening the   Workflows folder in the bookmarks bar at the top of a channel.

Learn more: For an in-depth look at Workflow Builder, take our course and test your knowledge to earn a Slack Skills badge.