Invite your partners to try Slack Connect for free

Available with any paid subscription, Slack Connect is a secure way to work with people from outside your company. Use Slack Connect to invite your partners, customers and vendors to work alongside your team in channels. Partners who are not using a paid Slack subscription, or those not using Slack at all, can be invited to one of your Slack channels. Those who are eligible will receive a 90-day free trial for Slack Connect with Slack’s Pro subscription.

The details

  • Teams using the free version of Slack (who haven't already had a Slack Connect trial) and those using Slack for the first time are eligible. An existing Slack account or workspace is not required and can be created at the time of sign-up. 
  • Eligible teams will have access to Slack’s Pro subscription and all its premium features, including Slack Connect, for 90 days.
  • This trial offer can only be applied once per workspace.

How to share a Slack Connect trial

  1. Invite your partner to a channel in Slack.
  2. Wait for your partner to accept the invitation. When they click the link, they’ll be taken back to Slack to accept the invitation (if brand new to Slack, they’ll create their workspace too).

Note: Invitation links will expire in 14 days.

What your partners can expect

  • If they’re new to Slack, partners will follow a few steps to create their new workspace and accept your invitation to a channel. If they’re already using Slack, they can accept your invitation straightaway. Partners won't need to add a credit card to accept the trial offer. 
  • For partners already using the free version of Slack, workspace owners and admins will receive a direct message from Slackbot and an email to alert them of the accepted invitation and trial.
  • Partners can upgrade their workspace at any time during the trial. If the free trial ends but partners choose not to upgrade, they'll move back to the free version of Slack and any channels that they were in with other partners will be disconnected. If partners upgrade within five days of the trial ending, any channels that they were in with one other partner will be reconnected. They’ll need to be re-invited to channels that they were in with two or more partners.