Work with external partners

What’s it handy for?

Bringing outsiders into your Slack team in a shared channel can make projects move much more quickly than phone calls and emails.

A shared channel works just like a normal Slack channel, only now connecting two organizations. This means a team from Company A is communicating in the same Slack channel as their partners at Company B.

Working with outside partners in shared channels is great for:

  • Creating a common area between two unique workspaces, so both teams can find everything they need in one place.
  • Simplifying communication, streamlining conversations, and gaining efficiency.
  • Making information and context easier to find across workspaces.

reviewing project documents with external partners in slack

Before you get started

If you’re using shared channels, create a channel in your workspace and have Slack administrators from both teams link them together.

How to work with external partners

  1. Work with your admin to invite your partners from the external organization to your new shared channel
  2. Conduct all project discussions in the shared channel
    discussions in a shared slack channel
  3. Use the shared channel to upload files necessary for review
    upload files to a slack channel
  4. Approve work in progress, have conversations when necessary, and collaborate together seamlessly
  5. Invite additional folks to the shared channel when needed during the life of a project
    inviting additional people to the shared slack channel

More ways to work with external partners

In addition to working with external partners in shared channels you can also add guests to your Slack workspace by inviting them as single-channel or multi-channel guests.

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