Slash commands in Slack

Slash commands act as shortcuts for specific actions in Slack. There are three types of slash commands you may be able to use in your workspace:

Note: By default, all members can use slash commands. If they’d like, Workspace Owners can choose to limit permission for Multi-Channel Guests.

Use slash commands

To use slash commands, type a / forward slash in the message field or click the
 plus icon to the left of the message field to open the attachments and shortcuts menu. Search for the slash command you’d like to use, then send the message.

Built-in slash commands

Slash command Action
/archive Archive the current channel
/collapse Collapse all inline images and video in the current channel (opposite of /expand)
/dm [@someone] Send a direct message (DM) to one person
/expand Expand all inline images and video in the current channel (opposite of /collapse)
/feed help [or subscribe, list, remove]  Manage RSS subscriptions
/huddle Start a Slack huddle
/invite @someone [#channel] Invite a member to a channel 
/leave Leave the current channel
/msg [#channel]

Send a message to a channel 

/remind [@someone or #channel] to [what] [when] Set a reminder for a member or a channel
/remind help Learn more about how to set reminders
/remind list Get a list of reminders you have set
/remove (or /kick) @someone Remove a member from the current channel*
/rename [new channel name]* Rename a channel
/search [your text]**  Search Slack messages and files 
/shrug [your message] Appends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to the end of your message
/status Set or clear your status
/topic [text] Set the channel topic

*This action may be restricted to Workspace Owners and Workspace Admins

**Not available on all Slack mobile apps

Tip: To learn more about shortcuts, visit Take actions quickly with shortcuts in Slack.