Use built-in slash commands

Slash commands act as shortcuts for specific actions in Slack. Type a slash command in the message field, select enter to send, and that's it. You've performed a task in one simple step!

To see a full list of available slash commands for your workspace, even custom ones, type a / forward slash in any channel or direct message.

Available slash commands

*Not available on all mobile apps.

Slash command Action
/apps* Search for Slack apps in the App Directory
/archive Archive the current channel
/away* Toggle your "away" status
/collapse Collapse all inline images and video in the current channel (opposite of /expand)
/dnd [some description of time]  Start or end a Do Not Disturb session
/expand Expand all inline images and video in the current channel (opposite of /collapse)
/feed help [or subscribe, list, remove]  Manage RSS subscriptions
/feedback [your text]  Send feedback or a help request to Slack 
/invite @someone [#channel] Invite a member to a channel 
/join [#channel] Open a channel and become a member
/leave (or /close or /part) Leave a channel
/me [your text] Display italicized text, e.g. /me does a dance will display as does a dance
/msg [#channel] (or /dm @someone) [your message] 

Send a message to a channel or send a private direct message to another member 

/mute Mute a channel (or unmute a channel that is muted). On desktop, you can also use /mute to unfollow a thread.
/open [#channel] Open a channel
/remind [@someone or #channel] to [What] [When] Set a reminder for a member or a channel
/remind help Learn more about how to set reminders
/remind list Get a list of reminders you have set
/remove (or /kick) @someone Remove a member from the current channel. This action may be restricted to Workspace Owners or Admins
/rename [new name] Rename a channel (Admin only)
/search [your text]*  Search Slack messages and files 
/shortcuts*  Open the keyboard shortcuts menu 
/shrug [your message] Appends ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to the end of your message
/status Set or clear your status
/topic [text] Set the channel topic
/who List up to 100 members in the current channel

Use Slack in a different language? The functionality of some slash commands, e.g., /remind, may vary depending on your language preference. 

Note: When slash commands are added to shared channels, only members of the installing workspace will be able to use them.

Who can use this feature?
  • By default, all members can use this feature. Workspace Owners can choose to limit access for Multi-Channel Guests.
  • Free, Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid plans