Kris Lengieza and Procore usher the construction industry into the modern era

‘Slack Connect helped Procore accelerate collaboration with partners by 25%. I used to say it’s not a real partnership without texting. Now we say it’s not a real partnership unless you’re in Slack!’

Kris LengiezaVice President of Global Partnerships and Alliances, Procore

As Procore’s Vice President of Global Partnerships and Alliances, Kris Lengieza is receiving the Slack Admin of the Year Award for innovatively championing Slack across the organisation to drive business results as a leading global provider of construction management software.

Because construction is grounded in a world of physical assets, it has a reputation for being resistant to embracing new technology solutions. ‘Construction has always been viewed as an old-school industry, yet we need to collaborate in real time,’ Lengieza says. ‘Slack is one of the solutions helping us better support the industry as it digitises.’ By embracing technology and partnering with the industry, Procore is helping to move the construction industry forwards.

Lengieza took the lead in changing this paradigm throughout the construction ecosystem, and Slack Connect was his home base for much of the planning. A feature included in Procore’s Enterprise Grid, Slack Connect brings external communication out of siloed email inboxes and into channels to securely share messages, tools and files. In Slack, Procore communicates with partners in real time, delivering information and results faster than ever.

‘Slack Connect helps us connect with our partners more frequently, immediately increasing our capacity and bandwidth.’

Kris LengiezaVice President of Global Partnerships and Alliances, Procore


Since December 2020, Procore has grown its Slack Connect usage by 700%, working in 189 shared channels and counting. Lengieza attributes that growth in part to how easy Slack is to use, even though many partners had never used the tool before. ‘It’s really impressive how quickly our partners onboarded and adopted Slack Connect as the preferred way to collaborate with Procore,’ he says. ‘On top of that, our partners recognise the investment we are making in their success.’

Working in Slack channels makes it easier for Procore to solicit feedback from its partners and customers regarding Procore, its products and how to facilitate more impactful engagement. In fact, what used to take days or weeks now happens in seconds or minutes.

Procore’s mission is to connect everyone in construction on a global platform. Slack is providing Lengieza and Procore with the technological solutions that they need to break ground alongside partners to reimagine how the modern construction industry connects.
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