Fast-growing ManoMano uses its productivity platform to stay agile and innovative

‘We optimise our time and collaboration with a great workplace experience. We focus on action and making decisions in Slack, which allows us to quickly respond to the needs of our customers and our internal teams.’

Fabien LemarchandVP Platform and Security, ManoMano

One of the country’s fastest growing companies, ManoMano is receiving Slack’s Excellence Award – France for using Slack to build a scalable digital HQ that empowers its agile, globally distributed team.

A leader in European DIY projects, home products and gardening, ManoMano attracts 50 million visitors per month, and has 7 million active clients and 16 million products. The company has relied on Slack since 2015, making it relatively seamless to transition more than 650 employees to a hybrid model in 2020. It has also effectively replaced most email communication, especially across ManoMano’s tech teams, and extended Slack’s channel-based messaging to external partners and sellers with more than 50 active Slack Connect channels.

To increase productivity where it’s already working, ManoMano has embraced Slack bots and automation. The IT team built a bot that alerts employees when they need to reset their passwords and provides automated internal support for 1,000 colleagues in Slack. The tech team also leverages bots to manage and track incidents from start to finish and hops into Slack huddles for sprint retrospectives.

‘In a fast-growing environment like ManoMano, it is important that everyone can save time and focus on creativity and added-value actions. The support of Slack is crucial to gain productivity and automate a lot of actions.’

Fabien LemarchandVP Platform and Security, ManoMano

Onboarding at ManoMano is now orchestrated entirely remotely, from introducing newcomers to pinning relevant information in Slack channels and coordinating a welcome breakfast delivery. The process was shaped based on feedback gleaned from surveys delivered in Slack via Haiilo Insights, an integrated tool that provides a holistic view of employee sentiment, along with actionable insights. To ensure that employees stay connected post-onboarding, ManoMano sparks camaraderie in Slack with the Donut app.

For its annual camaraderie-building event, the ManoGames, ManoMano uses Slack to quickly coordinate teams and enable fast and effective interpersonal communication between newly introduced colleagues based in different countries.

Whether they’re facilitating internal collaboration, building their unique culture or connecting with outside partners, ManoMano’s teams have the flexibility and autonomy to do their best work from anywhere in Slack.