Modernising how teams communicate

Liberty Mutual is one of the largest insurance providers in the world. Their digital products make their customers’ lives safer and more efficient, while the tech team rely on Slack to organise the communication and workflows needed to bring these products to market.

Inspiring connection and focused collaboration

Slack adapts to how businesses are organised, providing interconnected workspaces that reflect how teams already collaborate.

Liberty Mutual has 634 workspaces on Slack’s Enterprise Grid, specially designed for the scale, security and compliance needs of large organisations. With Slack, Liberty Mutual creates shared places for teamwork and consensus building – anyone can enter company-wide channels to provide updates, ask questions and compare notes, while private channels help keep conversations and work focused among smaller groups.


Problem solving in real time

With the power to centralise work – and keep conversations focused – Slack helps Liberty Mutual’s teams become faster, more knowledgeable and more autonomous by enabling:

  • Access to experts: Liberty Mutual’s #javascript-enterprise Slack channel brings together the company’s engineering experts, who can quickly access the information they need to review, assess and deploy bug fixes.
  • Workload management: Managers can post new requests or tickets to #incoming to help determine who has capacity to tackle new work efforts, questions and requests.
  • Live issue reporting: The #developer-feedback channel provides a community where developers work together to resolve issues for large-scale cloud implementations. This has drastically reduced the need for live meetings whose sole purpose is reporting issues.
  • Real-time escalation: Using Jira and RSS integrations, the team can stay on top of new bug reports, status changes and any potential security threats – all in Slack.
  • Community problem-solving: Developers provide technical assistance in a Slack channel, offering “here’s how I solved this” tips to each other. Another channel serves the same purpose for developers tackling gamified Blockchain learning challenges.
  • Cross-location agility: Slack enables Liberty Mutual’s Agile teams to have real-time conversations while working from different offices.
  • Feedback gathering: An employee-facing group collects enhancement ideas, bug reports and other types of feedback in a public channel.