Host a Slack Day training event

Want to ramp up your team and get them excited about using Slack? Host a Slack Day training event. We've got some tips to host a successful event! 🎉


  • Teach the basic features and functions of Slack
  • Demonstrate workflows designed for your company
  • Introduce resources, like our Help Center

1. Set the agenda

Create an outline of what you’d like employees to learn. Here are some topics to consider:

  • Helpful Slack tips and tricks
  • Your company’s channel naming framework
  • Apps and tools your company uses most
  • How to prioritize tasks in Slack
  • Notifications and preferences
  • Open office hours to answer questions and provide guidance


2. Announce the date

Pick a convenient day to hold the training sessions and let everyone know. It helps to include information about why you’re moving to Slack, how Slack can help your company, and where to go if people have questions.

Here's an idea of what information to share: 

How to get the most from Slack 📣✨

Hi Everyone! We’re excited to host a Slack Day training event on [Date / Time] at [Location].

What you’ll learn
We’ll show how Slack can empower you and the people you work with to do your best work. We’ll share tips and tricks for using Slack at our company at these in-person sessions.

Topics we’ll cover
Attend any or all of these sessions:

• [List your agenda items!]
• [List your agenda items!]
• [List your agenda items!]

Questions or feedback
We’re here to help! Pop over to [#slack-help, for example] for help or to let us know what you want to learn. If you have questions about Slack, their Help Center is a great resource.

Sally the Slack Champion

Tip: To signal that the event is a priority for the company, ask an executive to make the announcement.


3. Promote the event

Create buzz around the office and get people excited about using Slack. After all, Slack works best when your whole company is on board. That way, you don’t have to split conversations and workflows between tools.  

🖼 Posters

If you have the resources in-house, create your own Slack Day training posters. Or, simply use our customizable poster to promote training sessions company-wide!

  1. Download the template.
  2. Open the file in a PDF editor, such as Preview or Illustrator.
  3. Edit the text by adding the appropriate date and location.
  4. Print the poster.
  5. Promote your Slack Day around the office!



4. Share resources

After the event, follow up with attendees to see if they’re interested in learning more about Slack.

📖 Help Center

At Slack, we’re always here to help. Encourage people in your company to use our Help Center articles. Here are some to get started: 

🏅Slack 101

Visit Slack 101 to find product walkthroughs, tips, and videos that will help you get to work in Slack.

Hello! Our Support team is available 24/7 and always happy to help. Get in touch with us if you ever need a hand!