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How to transform your sales team with a digital HQ

Empower your reps to succeed from anywhere with a digital HQ powered by Gong and Slack


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By now, we know: Sales has changed. This new selling climate demands a Digital HQ for Sales. A digital HQ connects your teams, tools, customers and partners in a digital space that’s fast and flexible for a work-from-anywhere world. So what does this look like in practice? We turn to Slack partner Gong and cloud security company Mimecast to find out.

Mimecast’s sales organization has successfully transitioned to a digital HQ that combines the power of Gong and Slack to onboard and coach reps, surface customer insights and ultimately close deals faster. In this webinar, Jeremy Hemsworth, Slack’s senior solutions marketing manager for sales, and Ryane Bohm, Gong’s director of product marketing, will introduce you to the digital HQ and how it’s transforming sales. They’ll be joined by Mimecast to share actionable advice for optimizing your own Digital HQ for Sales.



SlackSr. Solutions Marketing ManagerJeremy Hemsworth
GongDirector, Product MarketingRyane Bohm
MimecastTechnology Enablement ArchitectIan Gwynne

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