Transforming Employee Experience Through Technology in the Hybrid Work Era

Staying connected in a flexible work environment is key to a positive employee experience. Learn how tools like Slack play a role in transforming work

Employee Experience incorporates the wealth of factors that affect the employee’s perception of their work, their workplace and the culture of their organization. The shift to hybrid work has had a significant impact on what influences this experience, and the IT tools and teams that enable this new world of work have never been more central to the overall health of the organization. 

According to CCS Insight’s research, 50% of employees who joined during the pandemic are considering leaving their current employer in the next 12 months. Having the right collaboration technology such as Slack plays a critical role in stemming this tide of resignations and improving Employee Experience across the entire company by making workers feel more effective, more valued and more connected to their peers and the organization as a whole. 

Read this report to discover:

  1. Features your collaboration tools need in order to enable a productive, connected, inclusive Employee Experience
  2. The impacts of flexibility and work-life balance on talent attraction and retention
  3. Three key recommendations for IT leaders in planning their 2022–23 investment strategies