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From service provider to strategic partner

How to differentiate your BPO with Slack

As digital transformation becomes table stakes, businesses need more from their business process outsourcing (BPO) companies than reliable service—they need a partner in innovation and growth.

The challenge is that most BPOs still struggle with cumbersome processes, tangled toolsets
and poor employee retention. These factors make it difficult to offer clients the depth of insight and attention required to be a partner, not just a provider.

In this e-book, we explain how Slack gives teams the streamlined collaboration and external connectivity they need to work alongside their clients, not just for them.

Read the e-book to discover how Slack helps you:

  • Retain and engage agents by providing a central place for everyone to access the tools, resources and people they need to be successful
  • Optimize your service operations by creating a layer of standardization among the people, processes and data your BPO handles every day
  • Give clients a fast way to connect with your BPO and derive more value from the relationship
  • Reduce average resolution time, cost per ticket and number of escalations while increasing CES and CSAT scores