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Team Collaboration: The Foundation for a Digital-First Workplace

Recent research by Metrigy finds that virtual teamwork thrives with a platform-centric approach

The Covid-19 pandemic triggered a seismic shift in how and where people work, with many companies transitioning to remote teamwork almost overnight. Now, as businesses look to the future, many expect that their employees will either continue working fully at home, or will split their time between home and office.

In its new report, “Team Collaboration: The Foundation for a Digital-First Workplace,” research and strategic advisory firm Metrigy provides IT and business leaders with insight into how best to leverage a platform-based team collaboration approach to achieve quantifiable business benefit.

Read the report to discover:

  • Essential features and benefits of team collaboration platforms
  • Tips for ensuring security and compliance while enabling external collaboration with partners
  • Recommendations for maximizing ROI with app integrations and automated workflows
  • How to use channels to build and nurture corporate culture