How to successfully manage a remote sales team

Sales leaders from Gong share their top insights on how to keep sales-floor energy high and reps engaged—from anywhere


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For many companies, the physical sales floor is a thing of the past. Instead, teams are turning to a Digital HQ for Sales. This shift raises new questions for sales leaders: How can I successfully nurture team culture and maintain morale? How do I take the pulse of my team now that I can’t peek over a cubicle wall? And how can I establish strong working relationships with my team and customers?

For answers, we turned to sales leaders at the revenue intelligence platform Gong. Chris Orlob, the company’s director of sales, and Devin Reed, the head of content strategy, share their tips for supporting remote and hybrid teams. Watch this webinar to learn how Gong keeps sales-floor energy up, reps engaged and everyone aligned—all without meeting in person.


SlackCustomer Success ManagerHelena van Berkum
GongHead of Content StrategyDevin Reed
GongDirector of SalesChris Orlob

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