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Slack 101: How to use Slack

Join us for a 50-minute session with 3 of our Customer Experience experts who will give a demo of a Slack workspace and answer your questions


  • 剛開始使用 Slack 的使用者

During this live 50-minute session, Slack’s Customer Experience experts will demonstrate how to use Slack successfully. With a Q&A box as well, you can bring all your unique questions to learn how Slack can specifically help your team.

During this session, our experts will cover:

  • An overview of where work happens: A workspace
  • How to navigate through your workspace
  • Administrative tools and how to leverage them
  • Our Fair Billing Policy
  • Slack search
  • Notification customization
  • App Integration
  • Virtual HQ: Huddles and Clips
  • Slack Connect

We look forward to meeting you! Please note that your attendance is not visible to other attendees.


SlackCustomer Experience SpecialistCatalina Hernandez
SlackCustomer Experience SpecialistKai Hasson
SlackCustomer Experience SpecialistVictor Zhang
SlackCustomer Experience SpecialistAmanda Ermellini

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