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Execute a winning marketing strategy

From coordinating plans to measuring results, it’s all in Slack

Slack brings all your team communication together. It’s a shared workspace where real-time conversations are organized, saved, and indexed for you. Whether you’re coordinating a campaign or tracking customer sentiment, you can do it in Slack.

A sample conversation discussing marketing website traffic in Slack
Danielle Adams Hi @Derek Ramos! It looks like website traffic is up by 20% since we launched the new site, do we know what channel is driving that?
Derek Ramos Yeah, organic traffic is on fire!! All those SEO improvements @Rodney made are really paying off.
🔥 3 📈 8
Rodney Bell Organic traffic is looking really strong. I’ll work on a month over month report and share it in channel by the end of the week.
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Central command for launches

Slack gives you one central place to direct marketing efforts, define campaign deliverables, and share results. Conversations happen in channels — organized by team, campaign, etc. — so everything’s transparent and up-to-date.

A shared channel can have members from different Slack workspaces collaborate on the same project in the same channel.
performance-marketingShared with Acme Corp
Mark Grenier Hey @sarap! here is the refreshed creative for the lookalike campaign on Facebook.
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Sara Parker Thanks @mark! The new assets will be live first thing tomorrow morning.

Where clients become colleagues

Agency clients, internal stakeholders… bring them, and their assets, together in Slack. You can share a channel with another company to collaborate in real-time, making your relationship and your shared initiatives flow more smoothly.

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Amplify the customer’s voice

Make sure your customers are heard. In Slack, feedback leaves silos and enters channels where it’s visible and actionable. Teams can even automatically port key data like CTRs or NPS scores directly into cross-functional channels.

Power up marketing workflows

Slack integrates with today’s leading marketing tools. Manage tools directly from inside Slack, from monitoring email campaigns to sharing the latest metrics with your team.

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Quickly access performance stats

Get the latest metrics automatically, and share them in the channels where key conversations are already happening.

Example of Statsbot integration in Slack
Cree Brown Signups this week are lower than expected, any idea why?
Tessa Zeng Statsbot how many visitors hit the confirmation page last week by source?
Statsbot APP Here’s your report
Generated image of chart with options to select dates, save to dashboard and schedule report.
Amplitude Baremetrics GrowthBot StatsBot

Declutter your project management

Manage marketing projects more efficiently, and build better performance and happier teams.

Example of Google Drive integration in Slack
Google Drive APP @kimberly commented on
Q3 ad campaign refresh
Copy for display ad I just revised the copy for this. Can you take a quick peek before I pass over to design?
@jen commented on
Q3 ad campaign refresh
In reply to Kimberly:
Yep, absolutely. Will do by EOD and ping you when done.
Asana Dropbox GSuite Trello

Orchestrate your social media flows

Stay on top of fast-moving social media mentions and customer feedback. Respond to customers from Slack, or ping a colleague to take a look.

Example of Hootsuite integration in Slack
Hootsuite APP TWITTER message sent via Hootsuite
@TechCrunch Dec 15 3:30pm
Emoji marketing startup Inmoji raises another $1.5M
Brand24 Hootsuite Nuzzel SproutSocial

Directly manage email campaigns

Use simple keyboard commands to send and manage email campaigns, right from Slack. Post results in-channel for further action.

Example of Autopilot integration in Slack
Autopilot APP 👀
@jenna_liu: there is a new SMB trial sign up:
Derrick King
(415) 555-0100
Acme Corp. LTD
Company size:
How did you hear about us?
Website referral

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