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Close more deals

From stop-and-go workflows to unstoppable sales

Slack brings all your team communications together. It’s a shared workspace where real-time conversations are organized, saved, and indexed for you. Last quarter’s deals or new opportunities, you’ll know where to find them: in Slack.

A sample conversation where people discuss sales organized by account in Slack.
Derek Ramos Hi @danielle! I recently received 150+ leads, is this a glitch? Seems like way too many.
Danielle Adams No glitch, the recent outreach campaign blew up on Monday.
💥 3 📈 2
Rodney Bell 💰 TeaThyme - Closed Won! 💰
• ACV is $74,000
• TeaThyme is Australia’s number one tea supplier
• Full credit for this upgrade goes to @Zoe who did all the heavy lifting
🎉 9 🌟 5 ❤️ 3

Simplify communication

Slack is where everyone, from the CEO to the new AE, comes together to move deals forward. Conversations happen in channels — organized by topic, territory, etc. — so the full context of a deal or a customer’s history can be easily seen by everyone, and every department.

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Get critical insights about deal flow

Slack opens up critical information to the teams who need it. Integrating tools (like CRMs) into Slack ensures the most up-to-date information flows into channels where key discussions are already happening.

Streamline your sales workflows

Workflows should be simple, not scattered. Streamline your sales workflow by bringing the tools your team uses every day into Slack.

See all sales integrations

See CRM details on the fly

Share important account details and respond to inbound leads faster with real-time updates and reminders that won’t get lost in inboxes.

Example of Salesforce integration in Slack
Cree Brown What’s your biggest opportunity this week?
Chad Thomas /salesforce sunny farms
Salesforce APP
Sunny Farms | Opportunity
Sunny Farms
Account Owner:
Chad Thomas
3 - Build Value Proposition
Show Account

Turn customer feedback into action

Resolve issues faster by bringing customer health data like NPS scores and renewal history into Slack, or responding to customers in real-time.

Example of Gainsight integration in Slack
Mark Grenier summary for sunny farms
Gainsight Sally APP @mark Here is the summary for Sunny Farms
💰 ARR:
👤 Users:
💟 Health Score:
🎫 Open Cases:
🗓 Renewal Date:

Unlock pipeline visibility and accuracy

The latest numbers are just a few keystrokes away, so you can discuss critical deal flow as a team any time.

Example of Troops integration in Slack
Troops APP You have 9 overdue close dates
Opportunity name (1 of 9):
Sunny Farms
Close Date:
December 24, 2018
Demo Scheduled
Next Step:
Send Greg a contract ASAP
Push End of Dec Push End of Jan Push Custom Date

Smoother handoffs,
happier customers

You’ve done it. You closed the deal. Congrats! Now make sure your customer receives the care they need. In Slack, information is organized and accessible. So new reps can be seamlessly onboarded, and nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

A sample message on Slack with celebratory reactjis at the end.
Zoe Maxwell The TeaThyme deal has officially closed! 👏 Now we’re ready to transition the relationship to customer success. @jane and I met to discuss handoff. Here’s our game plan for next week’s roll-out meeting
I will cover the agenda and kick things off
@jane will do a quick walkthrough of the roll-out plan
We’ll open the floor for questions and wrap up w/ next steps
👏 10 🎉 14
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Celebrate wins together

Give successes the attention they deserve: Celebrate together as a team in channels like #sales-wins, no matter which office you’re in. Slack lets you express congratulations with an emoji like 🎉 and 👏 rather than a reply-all email.

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