The new Slack experience for mobile

We’re releasing a set of improvements for our mobile apps to complement the new Slack desktop experience. We’ll be rolling these changes out gradually over the next few weeks.

What’s new:

  • Access conversations, mentions, and settings from a new set of tabs.
  • Draft and send messages with the  compose button.
  • Search from anywhere in the app or jump to conversations from certain tabs.
  • Take key actions quickly from the shortcuts menu.

Tip: To make sure you see the new Slack experience on mobile when it becomes available for your workspace, update your app to version 20.05.10 from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Access conversations, settings, and more from tabs

A new tab bar at the bottom of your screen makes it easier to switch between conversations and find what you need.



Tap the  Home tab in the bottom left corner of your screen to access your channel list, threads, and drafts. Conversations where you’ve been mentioned will display at the top of the list. If you’re using custom sections on desktop, your sections will be visible in the mobile app.



Find all of your direct messages (DMs) in the   DMs tab. Conversations will be displayed in reverse chronological order, with your newest messages first. If you’ve been mentioned in any DMs, those messages will be displayed at the top of the list.


Mentions & reactions

Similar to the Mentions & reactions page on your desktop, tap the  Mentions tab to see your mentions, keyword notifications, and reactions to your messages in one place. The most recent messages will show at the top of the list, and you can tap any message to view it in a conversation.



From the  You tab, you can set your status and availability, edit your profile, and manage your notifications and preferences. You can also view your saved messages and files.

Compose a message from anywhere

Just like when you’re working in Slack on your desktop, you can use the  compose button to quickly write and send messages on mobile. Messages will automatically save as drafts in the  Drafts section of your  Home tab.

Navigate and search more easily

Navigate Slack more easily with new gestures and ways to search for information.

Access the main menu

Swipe right to open the main menu, where you’ll see options similar to what appears at the top of your Slack sidebar on your desktop. From the menu, you can browse channels and files, find people in the directory, and switch between workspaces.

Search in Slack and jump to conversations

From anywhere in the app, you can tap the  magnifying glass icon in the top right corner to search for messages and files. From the  Home or  DMs tab, tap the Jump to field and type the name of a channel or person to quickly navigate to that conversation.

Tip: Swipe left from any tab to open your last viewed conversation.

Take actions quickly from the shortcuts menu

From any conversation, tap the  lightning bolt icon to the left of the message field to access tools you use every day in Slack — like reminders, calls, and app shortcuts.