Slack subscriptions and features

Learn about and compare the available Slack subscriptions to decide which one is best for your team.


Free, Pro and Business+

The Free, Pro and Business+ subscriptions include a single Slack workspace for small- to medium-sized companies. You can use the free version of Slack with some limitations, or upgrade to a paid subscription to access more features.


Compare features

Productivity & collaboration

  Free Pro Business+
Message and file history 90-day access ✓ 
Slack huddles One-to-one only ✓ 
Audio and video clips ✓ 
Work with external people One-to-one only ✓ 
Slack canvases Channels and DMs only ✓ 
Slack Lists   ✓ 
Customisable sidebar sections   ✓ 


Automation tools

  Free Pro Business+
Integrations with other apps 10 ✓ 
Workflow Builder   ✓ 
Custom workflow steps   ✓ 
Deploy apps to Slack infrastructure   ✓ 


Automation usage
  Free Pro Business+
Total published workflows or integrations with other apps   Unlimited Unlimited
Standard workflows   ✓ 
Premium workflows   1,000 runs/month 2,000 runs/month



  Free Pro Business+
Data encryption at rest and in transit ✓ 
Two-factor authentication ✓ 
OAuth with Google   ✓ 
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)    



  Free Pro Business+
Custom retention policies for messages and files   ✓ 
Data exports for all messages    



  Free Pro Business+  
Manage channel posting permissions Limited to #general channel only Limited to #general channel only Unlimited number of channels  
Custom user groups   ✓   
User management with SCIM provisioning      



  Free Pro Business+
Access to customer support Standard support 24/7 support 24/7 support, 4-hour first-response time
Guaranteed uptime    


Enterprise Grid

The Enterprise Grid subscription is designed for large companies, or companies in regulated industries. Pricing varies depending on the number of people in your organisation. Contact our Sales team to find out if Enterprise Grid is the right fit for your company.


Additional features

On the Enterprise Grid subscription, you get all the benefits of the Business+ subscription, as well as: