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A Financial Times webinar: Secure solutions for the modern workplace

Satisfy industry security and privacy requirements without compromising user productivity

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As companies look towards the future of work, productivity tools have become an intrinsic part of workplace. In addition to their role in expanding company communication beyond emails and meeting rooms, these tools allow employees to better manage daily workflows and deliver faster results for clients. However, despite potential benefits to workplace efficiency, these communication methods are regulated and must be monitored to reduce risk. Financial services institutions therefore must ensure the platform they employ eases productivity while meeting security and compliance standards.

Slack partnered with The Financial Times to bring you, “Secure Solutions for the Modern Workplace.” Download this recording to learn more about how choosing and implementing the right productivity platform and features can increase productivity by connecting members across front-, middle-, and back-offices.

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SlackVP, Product ManagementSteve Hamrick
Man GroupCTO, Infrastructure TechnologyTom Price

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