Update CRM records directly from Slack

What’s it handy for?

Sales teams have a lot of tools at their disposal, but when they can use their tools without having to switch out of Slack, it saves time and keep the focus on selling.

Updating CRM records in Slack is useful for:

  • Creating new leads
  • Updating customer records
  • Keeping track of sales history with accounts
  • Doing it all in Slack means not opening a browser or having to login anywhere else

Before you get started

Install and configure apps like Troops or Intercom in your Slack workspace.

How to update CRM records directly from Slack

  1. Use the shortcuts menu to select your app shortcut, or use a slash command to look up an account or lead

  2. Use the edit control to update the records

  3. Update any fields necessary to keep your CRM records fresh

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