Power your customer retention strategy

Transform your RevOps with Slack, Salesforce Service Cloud, Einstein, Tableau and Atrium to minimize customer churn with deeper customer insights

In a time when companies are having to do more with less, procurement departments are scrutinizing their organization’s utilization of tools and services more closely than ever. And yet, predicting customer churn has only gotten harder, with less face time and more online sales.

The proliferation of digital channels means customer engagement is now spread across multiple digital touchpoints. Without full visibility into a customer’s experience, Revenue Operations teams can’t pinpoint when and how to prevent customer churn. Poor data quality and often missing data deprive RevOps teams of the actionable insights they need to prevent losing customers.

Today RevOps teams need ways to reduce information silos, accelerate intervention and proactive customer support, and access customer insights from every corner of their business. This requires a digital-first way to work together, where RevOps teams can make data-driven decisions faster and easier.

When SaaS companies have Slack as part of Salesforce Customer 360, they have a powerful data science team in a single platform. The Slack integration with Customer 360 connects customer intelligence from Salesforce Einstein and Tableau to deliver actionable insights within Slack, that then pushes recommended actions directly into Service Cloud. Every company that relies on annual recurring revenue (ARR) can benefit from a digital platform that helps boost productivity, improve customer insights, and automate routine tasks in a digital-first world.

In this e-book, discover how Slack, Salesforce Einstein, Tableau and Service Cloud, along with Atrium’s certified experts can help RevOps teams use AI to decode data around customer attrition more efficiently and effectively.

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