A photo of an xray and stethoscope representing healthcare

Revolutionizing healthcare with AI

Learn how trusted AI minimizes time spent on administrative tasks, so healthcare professionals can focus on improving patient outcomes


    In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) offers teams the opportunity to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and focus on what matters most: ensuring patient well-being. Slack and Salesforce are working together with leading companies across healthcare and life sciences to realize the potential of trusted AI and transform their business. 

    In this webinar you’ll hear from industry experts on AI’s role in the future of healthcare, including vertical-specific use cases and best practices for securing AI in environments with sensitive data.

    주요 발표자:

    SlackAVP, Head of Healthcare SalesMarco Magnano
    SalesforceIndustry advisor - Health and Life SciencesDipul Patadia, MD
    SalesforceLead Healthcare Solutions EngineerCarly Wennogle

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