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Work smarter and faster with trusted AI in Slack

Learn how Slack AI will empower your employees with the right information at the right time


O webinar é voltado para:

  • Business decision makers
  • Enterprise Grid
  • Technology professionals

Information overload kills productivity.

A Gartner survey found that 47% of desk workers struggle to find information while 32% made errors based on a lack of awareness. Despite existing tools, employees still can’t efficiently access the knowledge they need to do their jobs.

How much more effective would you be at work if you could instantly understand the context of any project or policy in the history of your business? With Slack AI, you can.

Slack AI is an intuitive AI experience embedded in your workspace that helps you search, summarize and find answers faster. You don’t need to become a prompt engineer to harness the power of AI; in Slack, with one-click solutions, it’s easy for anyone to take advantage of AI.

Join this upcoming webinar to learn more and see our AI in action. You’ll learn how it can empower your employees with trusted AI in Slack—where the flow of work already happens—so they can reach their most productive potential.

Slack AI is now available as a paid add-on for Enterprise plans in English. Additional plans and language support coming soon.

Palestrantes em destaque:

Lauren GilDirector of Product Marketing, Slack
Sergio CastanedaLead Solutions Engineer, Slack

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