Transforming ad sales in the changing media industry

Empower agents and supervisors to sell faster and execute orders more efficiently with Slack, Salesforce Media Cloud and Silverline

While technology has created exciting new opportunities for media companies, it has also led to complexity and operational inefficiencies. According to the 2021 “State of AdOps” report , 60% of campaign errors and delays are the result of manual workflows and handoffs. To excel in a competitive market that demands companies do more with less, media companies need ways to enhance team productivity with more-efficient workflows, break down silos for seamless execution across all ongoing campaigns, and gather insights about open opportunities and campaign performance. This requires a digital-first way to work together in which teams can drive productivity and efficiency.

With Slack and Salesforce Media Cloud, media companies now have a powerful collaboration platform to boost ad sales team productivity while accelerating campaign development. Having Slack as part of Salesforce Customer 360 fundamentally reshapes how work gets done, by connecting ad operations, executives, customers and sales teams on a single platform.

In this e-book, discover the benefits of working with Slack, Salesforce and the strategic advisory services from Silverline to transform your ad sales operations.