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Sales Elevate: Launch communications

Help your sales team get started with Sales Elevate with our comms templates and training resources

A strong communications plan is at the heart of all successful software implementations and change management. Communicate with your sales team early and often to share your vision and expectations and to ensure a fast start to Sales Elevate. If you’re launching Slack for the first time, check out our communications guide here.

Now’s the time to connect with your sales executive sponsor and align on these questions:

  • Why Slack Sales Elevate  
  • What the benefits are for sales reps and what your organization hopes to achieve with Sales Elevate
  • How your sales team can get started (we can help with this!)

We’ve provided the templates below to help you get started. The more you can customize these to your organization, the better they’ll resonate.

Tip: Your sales team is sure to have questions along the way. Set up a dedicated support channel in Slack with a workflow to manage these incoming requests. Bookmark important information like training resources and frequently asked questions.  

Wave 1: Initial communication from sales executive sponsor

Wave 2: Follow-up communication from sales leaders/managers

Wave 3: Launch day from executive sponsor or sales leaders