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Deploy more code instead of more process

Build great products with your tools and team in one place

Slack is a collaboration hub where the right people and the right information come together in organized, searchable channels. From spinning up servers to deploying delightful code, stay connected with your team and get work done in Slack.

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Ship faster with Slack

Engineering teams use Slack to collaborate on projects and get them out the door. Channels and integrations remove friction between teams and functions, helping you go from kickoff to commit in less time.

A sample message on Slack with celebratory reactjis at the end. triage-platform
Mark Grenier Seeing reports in #alerts-platform of multiple 404s from the settings panel. Can someone look into it?
👀 1 1
Sara Parker Looks like one of the links broke in the last push. Fixing now…

Uncover and squash pesky bugs

Discover outages and bugs faster by coordinating responses in real time. Connecting your reporting tools to Slack helps you monitor issues as they come in, find resolutions to past bugs, and assemble the right people to resolve incidents.

Streamline development with integrations

Slack integrates automated tools into a single place, allowing you to spend less time with iterative, lower-value tasks and more time focused on product development and design.

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Channels put your code in context

By bringing your code into the right conversations, you can get approvals, spot errors, and commit better code faster.

Example from engineering integration
github APP New pull request from @asaunders
Alex Saunders This should work
GitHub Bitbucket SubVersion Visual Studio
Keep tabs on tickets and issues

Monitor new tickets and comments without leaving Slack. Stay up to date on new issues while you work through existing ones.

Example message from engineering integration
Cynthia Thomson Has anyone looked into WEB-355?
Breakpoints broken on Brand Guide
JIRA Software Trello Asana Pivotal Tracker
Discuss, deploy, repeat

Funnel important processes into Slack channels to give your work more visibility and perform key functions all in one place.

Example message from engineering integration
Heroku ChatOps APP
beta features is configured
Pipeline events will now be routed to #dev-feat-beta
Heroku CircleCI Jenkins VictorOps
Make the most of on-call duty

Spot breaking incidents, see who’s on call, and get resolutions started before issues snowball into something more.

Example message from engineering integration
pagerduty APP
Incident triggered
Gareth Edwins
PagerDuty Sentry New Relic Pingdom

Structured channels make work flow

Segmenting channels by function, team, platform, department and more will keep conversations focused and building on track. Here are some examples of useful conventions for organizing your channels:

#feat-xyz, #prod-abc —
channels related to all discussions around a feature or product

#dev-feat-xyz, #dev-prod-abc —
channels related to engineering-specific discussions of features or products

#triage-prod-abc —
a channel for monitoring bugs and triaging issues specific to a product

#team-ios, #team-frontend —
general discussions between team members who support a particular platform, stack or feature

#prs-prod-abc —
add high-activity integrations like pull requests or system alerts to their own channel for a scannable log of engineering activity

The proof is in the coding

Make a measurable impact in the speed and precision of your work.

  • 24%

    Increase in features delivered on time

  • 21%

    Less time needed to identify and resolve engineering-related bugs

  • 5%

    More output delivered from engineering teams using Slack

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