Make information sharing across teams easier

What’s it handy for?

Remove the hurdles that make it inconvenient for teams to share ideas. Boost your team’s productivity by using Workflow Builder to give team members a standardized way to seamlessly collect and share knowledge.

A few uses for this workflow:

  • Marketing: Collect customer use cases
  • Sales: Share customer deal stories
  • Product teams: Share post-mortem reviews
  • Business Development: Submit partnership case studies
  • Customers: Report product feedback in shared channel

With this workflow, you’ll collect ideas with a customized form. The workflow automatically formats the information and shares it with the designated channel(s), where people can read and discuss in real time.

To get started:

  1. Download the example
  2. Navigate to Workflow Builder and select “Import”
  3. Once imported, edit the workflow to make sense for your team
  4. Publish and let everyone know about your masterpiece

See it in action:

  1. Creating and publishing the workflow takes only a few minutes. Import the downloadable template, select a channel for the workflow and customize the form for the type of ideas you’re looking for.
  2. The form can be launched by anyone in the channel using the shortcut menu.
  3. Once the form is submitted, the workflow automatically formats the information and shares it with designated channel(s) to read.

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