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Better together: Grow partner sales with Slack and Salesforce

Learn how to maximize your partner network with Slack and Partner Relationship Management

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Our current economic state is forcing companies to get creative by doing more with what they have. Working with partner sales teams is a savvy way to extend your reach without adding headcount—but onboarding and coaching new partners is not always efficient.

With Slack and Salesforce, it’s easy to amplify partner engagement, support partners throughout the sales cycle and build scalable partner relationships. Through better lines of communication, automated workflows and notifications, partner sales teams can be better equipped to close deals and reach your target audience. Our teams have seen 14.6% faster sales cycles and up to 28% increase in sales productivity after implementing Slack.*

Learn from Dropbox and our experts on how to maximize your partner network by effectively coaching, developing and communicating with partners using Slack and Partner Relationship Management. You’ll accelerate the pipeline, support sellers and nurture profitable relationships.

*FY23 Customer Success Metrics, Salesforce, survey of 206-1,701 Slack and Salesforce dual users, July 2022

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SlackSolutions Marketing ManagerKyra Cotter
SalesforceProduct Marketing ManagerEmily Diserens
DropboxDirector of GTM IntelligenceChristopher Noon

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