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Bring your Digital HQ to life: Embracing flexibility

Learn how to embrace flexibility so you can do your best work with Slack

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It’s no secret that over the past few years, the digital and physical spaces have flipped. This shift has raised new challenges for employees all around the world, such as a massive increase of email silos, constant switching between tools and a packed schedule of meetings, preventing them from doing their best work.
And now that the balance between the digital and physical workplace is in constant flux, what’s missing is a place that is connected, flexible and inclusive—that everyone can be part of and contribute to. We call that the digital HQ.

Eighty-seven percent of Slack users say the platform makes them more productive. In this webinar, see how you can add your teams to this stat by letting people choose where, how and when they work with asynchronous tools like huddles and clips.

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SlackDirector - Product Marketing, APACDale Micallef

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