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Game changer: How collaboration powers creativity

Learn how to harness creativity and recognize the essential role of creating a culture of ideas

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Thinking creatively and empowering teamwork—these are skills leaders must have to thrive in the post-pandemic future.

But how can today’s leaders embrace curiosity and risk-taking? How can organizations not only fuel creativity and productivity, but drive lasting change for organizations and their customers?

Greg Hoffman, a former chief marketing officer at Nike, led a global brand team of over 2,000 employees in offices from Portland to Tokyo, to redefine the meaning of brand authenticity. Under his creative leadership, Nike pushed the envelope on creative campaigns and drove themes of equality, sustainability and empowerment through sports—meaningful work that was inspired in part by Hoffman’s role as a leader of the Nike Black Employee Network.

In this talk, Hoffman unpacks insights about the best teams in the world of sports, sharing how their compositions and playing styles mirror that of the most innovative organizations’ team management. With any championship-level team, the only way to emerge from stagnation—be it in an epic sports battle or creative output—is through teamwork.

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SlackSenior Director of CreativeJosie Jeffries
Modern ArenaFounder and PrincipalGreg Hoffman

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