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Meet Slack Sales Elevate: Your new sales productivity game changer

Harness the power of the No. 1 CRM in Slack to accelerate sales and close more deals as a team

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Sales teams today are under pressure to drive revenue growth while meeting ever-rising customer expectations. But more often, their time is spent on administrative tasks that are hindered by siloed tools and data. In fact, reps spend only 28% of their week on selling activities. That’s valuable time that could be spent engaging with customers.

Enter the new Slack solution for sales. Built specifically for sales teams to boost productivity and lessen the manual task load, it seamlessly integrates Sales Cloud and Slack to deliver real-time access to vital Salesforce data in the flow of work. Now you can automate non-selling tasks, drive efficient processes at scale with AI-ready workflows, and empower teams to come together to close deals faster, all in one place.

Join us to see a live demo and to learn more about how this new solution can transform the way your sales teams work together and win, all in Slack, all the time.

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SlackDirector, Product ManagementJulie Cockle
SlackProduct Marketing ManagerLauren Antone
RokuSr. Manager, Performance Product ManagementKaitlyn McBride
MetrigyPresident and Principal AnalystIrwin Lazar

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