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Slack: Powering engineering organizations in healthcare

Learn how engineering teams at healthcare companies boost productivity by automating routine tasks and integrating existing development tools in Slack

    Improving operations so teams and companies can do more with less is paramount across health-care organizations. One area where improved productivity drives significant ROI is in software development. Streamlining engineering and DevOps processes starts with using Slack as your organization’s productivity platform. Integrating your existing development and deployment tools into Slack increases the frequency of code deployments, minimizes incidents and downtime, and decreases failure rates in production.

    And that productivity within software organizations leads to faster time-to-market for new products and features, driving revenue and profit growth and helping retain talent by avoiding burnout from manual administrative tasks.

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    SlackPrincipal Solutions EngineerChuck Piper
    SlackPrincipal Customer Success ManagerHaley Allen

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