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The productivity revolution: Empowering everyone to automate

Learn why automation is for everyone, from engineers to business professionals

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Amid economic headwinds and tighter constraints, leaders are searching for ways to make their organization more productive. Many turn to automation to accelerate productivity; however, the old ways of how we think of automation don’t support the modern ways of work.

To realize the full potential of automation, we need a new approach—one that empowers everyone to automate, seamlessly brings automation into your flow of work and is modular and intuitive so you can automate for specific challenges you have.

In this webinar, you’ll join Yousaf Sajid, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at Slack, to learn why a modern automation strategy is a must-have for companies. See a Salesforce-on-Slack story on how IT and end users have both automated common tasks and complex processes to unlock productivity gains.

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SlackSenior Solutions Marketing ManagerYousaf Sajid

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