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Unlock product-led growth with Slack

Learn how Sign in with Slack links help partners acquire and engage users the moment they interact with their content in Slack

    Less than a decade ago, adopting new software was slow, locked behind expensive software licenses and decided upon by a select few. Now it’s easier than ever for end users to discover, evaluate and adopt new products before pulling out their wallets.

    Join us to get a sneak peek of Sign in with Slack links, our newest feature designed to help partners turn link sharing in Slack into growth opportunities. You’ll hear from Slack experts and learn best practices from the team at Lucid Software, a leading provider of visual collaboration and an expert in building a product-led growth engine.

    주요 발표자:

    SlackSr. Director of Business Development and PartnershipsConor Irvine
    SlackDirector of Product, PlatformMerwan Hade
    LucidSenior Manager, Business DevelopmentPreston Chin
    LucidEngagement and Virality Lead Product ManagerNick Ridge

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